November 2013

Antediluvian Anthem

For the video for the first single of the third album, Snowclone seeked contrast in Finnish traditional scenery and industrial realism.

December 2011


Up until Stoic, every Snowclone video shoot was more massive than anything before. It was clear that course couldn't continue forever, so it was time for something different. Inspired by how many artists put out videos compiled out of material of them touring around the world, Tero took the camera along on his trip to Japan at the end of year 2011, with the plan to memorialize the local lifestyle and his favorite tourist attractions.

The result is a montage showcasing the many contrasts of Japan. Starring in the video are (according to Tero (editor's note)) the world's most awesome building, Kyoto Central Station, and the world's most romantic spot, the Tatsumibashi bridge. Other important sights include Shinjuku city, Meiji shrine, Hachiko the dog, Takeshita shopping street and Prada building in Tokyo, Umeda Sky Building and the animals of Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka, and Mount Fuji itself, of course.

May 2010

Breaking Space

For the second single of the RSY album, a video project of unprecedented grandeur was launched. The idea was to make the first video with no linear relation to the lyrics. The concept was codenamed "Twin Peaks". Thirteen months after wandering around in springtime Jyväskylä, the result was an action-packed video that leaves a lot of room for the viewer's personal interpretation, just like the lyrics themselves.

Many have asked if Anna cut herself with the razorblade for real and if she really cut her hair with kitchen scissors. The answers are no and yes, respectively. The third frequently asked question is about the symbol appearing in the video. It's Radical Simplified Yellow, the title of Snowclone's second album. Tero and Anna were accompanied in the video by Kati Clements, Elina Kilappa, Jussi Komulainen, Hendrik Kalb and Elina Mattila.

August 2009

Snowclone's first non-December video shoot was celebrated in conjunction with the band's second anniversary. The goal was to assemble material for the last video from the first and the first one from the second album.

Working Title

The original plan was to shoot two videos, telling the two sides of the same story. WT would have showcased the celebrity couple and a so far unreleased song called Tears on the Silver Screen the ordinary people. However, both concepts were packed into one package in the end, resulting in a video with more going on than is possible to grasp at a single viewing. On the other hand, simplicity never was a natural characteristic of Snowclone's videos :D

The key locations were kindly provided by helpful friends who also agreed to lend their respective children. The supporting cast consists of Kati Clements, Jussi Komulainen, Lahja and Rauha Laurila as well as Juha and Rafael Sorva.

My Song

In a way, the My Song video came about as Working Title's by-product because it was way easier to set up and fit nicely in the same weekend. The story concept had at that point already been brewing for more than a year. Also, everybody agreed that MS was still to receive the attention it deserved.

In line with the song's theme and atmosphere, also the video attempts to be less humorous than usual, even though Snowclone never does anything completely serious. And yes, the ashes Anna scatters into the sea are real but made out burnt milk cartons instead of people. The scenes are set in Ruoholahti, Helsinki that has appeared in many other Snowclone videos as well.

December 2008

Heart-Shaped Ice

The video was once again shot in December but this time in Oulu where there was enough snow and ice. As has become something of a trademark for Snowclone, the story is closely tied to the lyrics and loaded with strong symbolism. This time, also Anna herself appears in the video, meaning that also singing sequences could be included. We also had to have some dancing because, after all, it's a dance song.

December 2007

Snowclone's first videos were shot in Helsinki in December. The weather was just as chilling, rainy and windy as the time and place may indicate, but at least this fit Waiting for Life's atmosphere most perfectly, even though the two-day session hardly became a reminiscence to cherish and half of the team ended up with various illnesses.

The shoot came with a weather reservation, since walking through the rain isn't at its most credible with no rain. In case of snow, Heart-Shaped Ice would've been filmed instead, but kneeling in the snow wasn't really possible in the capital region during the whole winter 07-08. Anna herself isn't present in these videos apart from the voice because she was in Africa at the time. The roles were filled up with professional (over)actors from Tero's film production team.

Red Light Stop Sing

RLSS's video also ended up very lyric-visualizing. The untrustworthy guy ends up letting the lady down, as usual. This time, however, she isn't going to simply forgive and forget but throw the family values (or at least some signs) away.

Waiting for Life

The video for WfL is very loyal to the story. The protagonist grows tired of waiting but has to face the fact that the chances have already passed him by. Kati Clements and Ilari Sani gloat as malicious passers-by.